Fundamentals of Gmail Faxing

sending a faxAlmost everyone today has an email account. Thanks to the efforts shown by the popular search engine giant, Google, millions from all parts of the world get to enjoy their email services. Individuals and businesses alike have benefited from the perquisites that come with having a Gmail account such as the Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Maps. Until recently, one of the main attractions offered by Gmail is the email-faxing feature.

While Google themselves are yet to come up with their built-in email faxing platform, they have created a platform to make email faxing possible. Sending faxes via Gmail, however, requires you to utilize some online faxing tools and link them to your Gmail account. Sending faxes via Gmail is rather straightforward, and anyone who has sent an email before can comfortably send a mail. Sending faxes using your Gmail account follows the following key steps.

Select an Online Fax Provider

As highlighted above, Google does not have a faxing feature. The first step, thus, is to select an online fax provider. For starters, it is not advisable to go rushing and subscribing for these services considering that most service providers offer a free trial period. Using the trial feature helps you assess the quality of services and their suitability. Ideally, the best choice, especially for business use, should be a dedicated online fax provider.

Choose Gmail

It is worth noting that some email service provider offers email services. Gmail, however, is highly regarded as far as online faxing is concerned due to its ease of use. Sending faxes via Gmail is substantially similar to sending an email, but there are two main differences.

  • You are required to enter the recipient’s “Fax ID” on the “To” field followed by “”
  • The fax is only sent as an attachment, and not as a text as the body of your email.

The Process

Now that you have chosen Gmail, sending an email requires you to log into your Gmail account, click on the “compose” button, entering the recipients and their fax provider’s details, attaching the document that you need to fax, adding an optional cover letter, and fax

The concept used in Gmail faxing is somewhat simple to anyone who has sent an email before.…

Internet marketing

Different Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet usage has grown ten folds in the last two decades. Research shows that almost every adult is in a position to access the internet either using a mobile phone, tablet or a computer. People are crisscrossing the web looking for different information ranging from products to services. Therefore, vendors have grabbed this opportunity to avail the great demanded goods and services. Various tools like inbox blueprint are used to facilitate the internet marketing. Still, there are strategies set to ensure that a product has reached to as many products as possible.

Different Internet Marketing Strategies

Email marketing

At one time or another, we have received emails that are promoting a product. Such emails are customized to specific recipients describing a product or service the sender thinks that one might be interested in. As much as it is a slow method of marketing regarding visibility., it is still an effective way especially when potential customers have subscribed to the emails.


A website

All businesses that have embraced the technology must have a website. It carries the companies core information for all potential clients to see. A website targets viewers of all groups as long as they have the web address. It can be linked to emails and social media platforms to back link people to it. Also, people can subscribe to emails via the website as well as buying the products and services via the shop portal.

Web Blog spots

The use of blogs to market goods and services has become so popular. Some reputable companies have dedicated bloggers to build traffic on their web blogs. The blogs will usually have either informative and other updated contents for readers to read. The websites are back linked from such blogs directing the enthusiastic blog readers to where the product is. Active blogs also offer dedicated adverts linking the products.

Social media

Most of the internet users are using social media at one time. Therefore, this gives an excellent hub to pass the product or services information to the millions of people socializing. Most companies who use this marketing strategy can target specific groups perfectly.

Social media icons

Multi-level Marketing

This approach is also known as MLM and is one of the most effective. This is because they pay a commission to the source of referral when a product is bought. This is also the only marketing cost the company incurs. The source of the referrals are the registered members.…