Artichoke Lamp

Poul Henningsen designed artichoke lamp and hence gained the popular name; PH lamps. The designer did not know that this piece would become cherished all over the world by those who love style and class. The original lamp is available for purchase in popular websites and authorized vendors. It is also popular to see those that are modified to fit different needs for different clients. If you are interested to know more about this lamp, visit 122design. So this article is going to highlight the different places to use the artichoke lamp.

Places to use the artichoke lamp

Hotel lobby

lampA hotel lobby is the face of every hotel or the guest house. This is the place to display the hotel’s theme to all including those who will not buy the services now. This place needs the perfect lighting condition which does not glare or form the uncomfortable shadows. Therefore the perfect lighting fixture to use here is the PH lamp. The flaps create a wonderful lighting ambiance that is warm especially when the warm yellow bulbs are used. Guest who likes to relax at the lobby can read their phones, tablets and PC screens with ease as they wait for their pick-up. The lamp is an amazing beauty, and the hotel can opt for one or two giant lamps depending on the size of the lobby.


The restaurant requires adequate light yet one that is not too much to cause discomfort to the dinners. Almost each table has a lamp dangling on top of it. PH lamp is a perfect piece as it no matter how many they are, the light balance will be the perfect amount. The fact that the PH lamp has no shadows ensure that the diners can enjoy their meal to the end. Shiny lighting condition caused by regular bulbs can cause reflection on the cutlery which in term lowers the guest’s experience.

The living room

Everyone want a comfortable sitting area to relax with the family after work, school, and other days errands. PH lamp gives an elegant look that you visitors will get attracted to. Consider installing the artichoke lamp from the various great selection of Poul Henningsen.

The bedroom

lampBedroom light is supposed to offer a soft feeling as you wind down from the day’s hassles. Perhaps you would like to read few pages of a book before resting. The last thing you want is a reflective light which makes your eyes sick. So, the PH lamp is the perfect light to soothe your tired nerves and considering it is a good idea.