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How to Pass a Synthetic Urine Test

Drug tests are a common thing when applying for specific jobs or before participating in some sporting activities. Employers will take you through such tests to confirm whether you are sober enough to work for their companies. Most sporting bodies will want to eliminate any unfair advantage that comes with using some of these drugs.

One drug they will look for during such tests is marijuana. It is a commonly used drug that can impair one’s judgment or give them an added advantage over competitors in sports.  One of the tricks you can try out is the use of synthetic urine or what many mostly refer to as fake urine. This is usually a mixture of water and other organic compounds that are mixed in a laboratory to make urine-like substances.

It contains all the components availableartificial urine in the human urine. This includes uric acid, urea, and creatinine. Carrying it during your test is not that difficult. You can carry it in a sample bottle or put on a synthetic urine belt that allows you to let it out quickly, even if you are being monitored. You should follow different procedures to have a successful synthetic urine test and convince everyone that it is real urine. Here is what you should do.

Keep it Warm

Urine from your body is always warm. Giving out cold synthetic urine for your test can raise suspicions. You should continuously monitor the temperatures before submitting it for your test. Warm it in your microwave before stepping out. This will ensure it is warm to match the warmth of normal urine.

Proper Mixing

You can buy already prepared synthetic urine or mix some for yourself. Always ensure everything is in the right balance to avoid raising suspicions. There are several online platforms that can guide you in mixing different components to make synthetic urine. Follow them carefully to come up with something right for your test.

Buy Reputable Brands

There are different companies thatfake urine deal with the production of synthetic urine. Not all of them produce what is considered reputable or can guarantee you the right results from your test. Look for renowned brands of synthetic urine you can carry for your tests. This will ensure you get the results you prefer.