How to Fax Using Smart Phones

In the world that we live in today, you can fax wireless. What is more interesting is that the process is simple. All you need are few things to get you started then the rest of your faxing days will be effortless since you will just be pressing a button. You can use your smartphone to do the wireless faxing after you are done reading this simple guide. Below is a guide on how to fax using smartphones. It is also recommended for additional information on this matter.


Cellular network faxing

When you connect to the network, you could connect to an online faxing service. It must be noted though that you must have enough coverage to send data from your smartphone. The service is a virtual fax machine for you. It lets you operate as though you had a real fax in your office. The difference is that you are not physically accessing the fax. In addition, you are not sending the fax from your phone. You will be sending an email that then transforms into fax when it gets to the virtual fax machine. After that point, it can go to the address specified in your fax instructions.


Thus, all along you have virtual fax with an email address to use when connecting to it. The fax machine will get the emails then it will send them to your inbox. It will be operating like your assistant so that you cannot go physically looking for the received faxes. A benefit of using the wireless faxing method is that it comes with no restrictions on the number of allowed devices to connect to the virtual fax machine at any time. You can have multiple devices connected so that you are always on with your work requirements whenever you are ready.

Faxing through the use of Wi-Fi

The procedure for smartphone fax use when you are on a Wi-Fi network is similar to when you connect to a cellular data network. You need an online fax provider to give you a virtual fax number that connects you to a virtual fax machine together with an email address you will use to send as well as receive faxed messages. You will compose an email then send it to the address given then the virtual machine will interpret the email as a fax request. It will use part of the email address as the fax number then forward the converted fax message to the fax number generated from the message you give. You can add a cover letter to your fax by including some text in your email to improve its outlook.

Additional considerations about fax using smartphones

You must use a virtual fax machine because the phone does not physically have faxing capabilities. Thus, you should be aware of scammers that try to sell you a solution that lacks the use of an intermediary virtual fax machine. Furthermore, fax numbers are different from cell phone numbers hence the need for using a hybrid solution when you are faxing with your phone. When someone sends you to fax to your mobile phone number, you will not receive it.