Features of the Best Compound Bow

Marketing materials and products are described using technical terms and scientific features by manufacturers to inundate them. If one is new to the field dealing with a compound bow can be tiresome since there are hundreds of models available and a lot of different brands. One may make a wrong decision since it will tell the difference between smart marketing and ingenious design. Purchasing the best compound bow will promote efficiency in pulling and generating the required force to launch the arrows accurately and precisely. These are the features of the best compound bow when one considers when choosing the best compound bow for purchase:


Weight of the Bow Draw

Bow DrawThe strength of the compound bow is largely determined by its weight. The top rated bow is one that can be able to promote optimum power and performance. If you are getting started, and you would like to improve your efficiency, it is advisable, to begin with, a low poundage bow.

Length of the Draw

Nowadays the compound bows are manufactured models differently according to manufacturer’s specifications. So there are the existence of compound bows with adjustable draw lengths and also those with adjustable draw weights. For compound bows suitable for your age group or to improve your shooting skill, consider getting an adjustable bow.

Right or left handed bow

If one is right or left handed, one should determine the suitable compound bow regarding your strengths and not weakness. It is based on your dominant eye and not on dominant hand being left or right.

Distance from the axle to axle

The distance from axle to axle refers to the space in centimeters or meter between the cams of the bow located at the tips of the bow’s limbs. Due to its design of being in the form of a wheel, it aids the bow in transmitting the required power. It is advisable to ensure that your compound bows axle to axle suits the type of shooting or hunting. For example, a longer length is beneficial when you are hunting animals from a tree stand that features open openings.

Eye Dominance

Firstly one has to determine his / her eye dominant since the eye dominant is the same as the hand you use while writing. Thus one may prefer left or right handed compound bow.

Speed and Noise

Bow Compound bows are accompanied by the acceleration the arrow would gain as soon as it leaves the bow rest. So there are some compound bows which do not produce a lot of sounds when using them. Speed also depends on other various factors such as draw weight, the weight of the arrow and so on.