Winning New Trends SEO in 2016

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, for short, has evolved into an important online marketing strategy in the last couple of years. Taking up these new trends SEO in 2016 by seo specialist philippines is subsequently an idea that you shouldn’t take for granted.  The use of banned-out SEO strategies can’t, however, elevate your website’s traffic to offer you a steady graph of revenue growth.

SEO in 2016

Mobile OptimizationSEO

Data from reputable digital marketing analysts show that Smart phones come in a distant second, after computers, as communication devices that are mostly used to search the web. Consequently, other than being mobile-friendly, your online business should also be optimized using trending SEO techniques that are powered by responsive web design concepts.

Voice Search Optimization

The world is increasingly becoming busier and busier. Many don’t have the time to key in a stream of keywords when conducting an online search for products. Phones, computers, and tablet manufacturers as well as search engine operators are embracing the voice search technology to counter the problem besides adding value to their services. Take cue of this. Make voice search optimization one of your top new trends SEO in 2016, and you’re likely to broaden your online market base.

Optimized Marketing Video Content

It’s easier to make a viral marketing video than to come up with a viral marketing write-up because the contemporary generation prefers watching content to reading them. Create your marketing videos with a twist of riveting humor as well as eye-catching special effects to make your online enterprise appear larger than life. Visual content is memorable, giving them a higher conversion rate that you can count on as a reliable way of building a solid online clientele base.

Social MediaSocial Media

Social media platforms have transformed online marketing in various ways. These platforms are powerful enough to make or break big multinationals, countries or even regions. Harnessing concrete social media’s active marketing elements is a brilliant marketing move since the platforms command millions of hits each day. Top search engine companies are currently modifying their web crawlers and spiders to rank online firms with the highest number of positive reviews on social media platforms, making them an SEO marketing force to reckon in 2016.

Local SEO

It’s easier and cheaper to sell a product to a person who lives in your local area that to sell to an individual who lives half-way around the world. Latent semantic indexing keywords, long and short tail keywords, as well as Meta tags, are therefore being tailored for local search endeavors to give online enterprises the winning SEO edge that they need to prosper in 2016 and beyond.…