Guide to Grooming Your Cat

Cats are the second most popular house pet. According to the American Pet Products Association, in the United States alone, there are an estimated 90 million domesticated cats. Humans value cats for companionship. Compared to dogs, they’re easier to maintain, and they don’t need as much attention. Even though they require little maintenance, grooming is still essential to a cat’s health. You can do the basic grooming for your cat, such as regular baths, nail care, etc. Make sure also to have an appointment with professional groomers and vets now and then for a thorough groom and check-up. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to give your feline friend the proper care that they need.

Here’s a guide in grooming your cat:

Skin and Fur Care

You can tell by looking at a cat’s skin and fur if they’re healthy or not. Cats generally clean themselves with their tongue, however, there are times where your cat can be really dirty and smelly from playing outside, that you have to give them a bath yourself. Be careful of not getting water in your cat’s ear when you bathe her. It’s best to put cotton in her ears to be safe. Also brush your cat’s fur regularly, once or twice a week will do, this will remove dirt, grease, and skin flakes. By regularly brushing and bathing your cat, you will also see if your cat has unwanted parasites on her body, and you can get this treated right away.

Nail Care

Cats like to scratch and climb on things, that’s in their nature. So it is important to also care for their nails and paws. This will also reduce risks of damaging your furniture, or your cat giving you skin punctures. There are a lot of nail clippers and trimmer available that would best do the job. Cats don’t really like for their nails to be cut or trimmed, but over time, they will get used to this and will barely resist when it’s time for cutting.

Oral Health

Cats have to have clean, sharp teeth and healthy gums. According to veterinarians, they have been seeing that dental disease is becoming a common problem with cats. It is important to regularly check your cat’s mouth and keep it clean with brushing and regular vet visits.

Ear Care

Your cat should have regular vet check-up, but between those check-ups, check your cat’s ear at least once a week for infection, wax or debris.…


Five Factors For Choosing The Best Dog Breed

There are hundreds of different dog breeds available in the market. If you are hunting for the ideal dog breed, then it’s worth to be aware the kinds available otherwise you will have a very rough time. Luckily there are many factors that you can narrow down on when choosing the best dog breed for you to make things much easier.

Selecting a dog breed

Space in your residencedog

Before thinking of anything, it’s important to put into consideration space in your home. For example, if you live in a flat it won’t make sense going for a large dog that will occupy lots of space in your home. You must know the space that you have in your home otherwise your dog won’t exercise sufficiently. If you live in an apartment breeds like Miniature Pinscher and the terrier group will suit your case entirely.


The cost of keeping your dog should be keenly evaluated. Huge dogs are famous for eating lots of food while smaller dogs eat much less in comparison. Do a rough estimation of the cost of keeping different dog breeds annually. Bear in mind food and other frequent visits to the vets for treatment. You will discover that you will have to dig deeper into your pockets if you decide to choose a larger dog breed.

Your kid’s preferences

If you have children then considering a dog breed that they like can be the best decision that you have ever made. Children can be burdensome handed with pets and picking a breed like a Chihuahua won’t be such a great idea. Additionally having a Saint Benard or great Dane marauding around your home can be extremely dangerous for a kid. The number and age of your children play a significant role when it comes to choosing the sort of dog that will best suit your requirements.


Another major point to put into consideration when choosing a dog breed is how much exercise your dog needs.If you have a big yard, fencing it off will be an excellent idea to provide sufficient space for your dog to use. If you live in a condo, then consider getting a dog that needs minimal exercise. On the flipside, if you have lots of space in your home then choosing the Border collie breed will be a grand idea. And that is not all. If you are not able to do lots of exercises, then there is no need to settle for a dog that needs lots of exercise like a sporting or hunting dog breed.


cute dog Cleaning your dog is also something that you should have in mind. If you have a tight schedule, then try avoiding breeds such as the Standard poodle because it requires regular grooming sessions. Instead, going for short haired breeds like whippets or Terriers would make a right choice for your case as you don’t have time to sit and groom it for hours. On the opposite, if you have lots of …