A Brief Guide to Cannabis Smoking Accessories

Smoking cannabis, be it for recreational or medical purposes, is now acceptable in many places in the world. This has caused the number of dispensaries as well as stores selling accessories to increase tremendously over the years. If you are using cannabis yourself, there are lots of shops that you can go to. In fact, you can even purchase smoking accessories online. Now, to ensure that you get high-quality paraphernalia, you should shop on Hemper, which also has a huge collection of cannabis smoking tools.

For beginners or first-timers, though, shopping for items like pipes, bongs, grinders, lighters, and other cannabis-related stuff can be challenging. First of all, there are so many stores offering these types of products nowadays. Plus, you also have countless products to choose from. In order for you to get the best items, you need to familiarize yourself with the different accessories. Read on to learn more.


glass bongIn a nutshell, bongs are filtration devices that are designed for smoking marijuana or cannabis products. You can also use them to smoke tobacco as well as herbs. If you are looking for intense hits, you should invest in one, but be sure that you choose something durable enough.

As long as you buy an excellent bong, you can expect to have an amazing experience while smoking cannabis. This device ensures clean smoke and makes a perfect piece of equipment if you intend to do your thing at home.


If you are a cannabis user who is always on the go, them a chillum would be your go-to device. Unlike bongs, chillums are handheld. You can easily keep them in your pocket, and so you can take one with you if you are traveling. Basically, you can utilize a chillum the same way you would with a traditional tobacco pipe.

When it comes to the materials, you have several options. You can purchase one made with silicone, stone, or glass, depending, of course, on your preference as well as your budget. In general, chillums are very affordable.

smoking accessory

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are pretty new, and you have to keep in mind that they are more expensive than bongs and chillums. In fact, they are the priciest setup, so be prepared if you intend to buy one. The reward? They offer very intense hits.

In order for you to utilize a dab rig, though, you should also invest in some accessories, such as dabbers, dab mat, and a blow torch. With all the things that you need, you can clearly tell that dab rigs are designed for a home setup and not recommended for traveling.